Empower your farm with Electric Vehicle charging

Discover grant opportunities to support sustainable transportation in rural areas.

Merging Tradition with Modern Sustainability

Electric vehicle charging on farms merges agricultural tradition with modern sustainability. Farms, historically sustainable resource producers, naturally integrate EV charging stations. This reduces transportation’s carbon footprint and offers farmers a new revenue stream from EV drivers.

The growth of agritourism means EV stations attract eco-conscious visitors to farms. This promotes both sustainable transport and local agriculture.

How It Works

Navigate the simple steps to integrate eco-friendly EV charging into your farm’s daily operations, enhancing sustainability and community engagement.

Grant Application & Approval

Develop grant concept, hone it into a propoasl, and win funds.

Installation & Integration

Integrate EV stations into your farm with the help of leading experts.

Ongoing Maintenance & Community Engagement

Grow your charging operation for sustained revenue.

What You Get

Experience increased sustainability, community engagement, and potential revenue streams by integrating EV charging into your farm’s infrastructure.


Million Electric Passenger Vehicles Worldwide (2022)


Million Dollar Electric Farm Tractor Market (2022)

electric vehicles: the Case with numbers

Rural drivers can save up to $870 annually by switching to electric vehicles. Furthermore, farms with charging stations enhance their appeal to the growing eco-tourism market.

Two Grant opportunities

Discover tailored funding options to propel your farm into the electric age. Harness the power of grants designed specifically for integrating EV infrastructure in agricultural settings.

USDOT's $700M EV Charging Grant

Supporting Farms for Sustainable Infrastructure Upkeep

NEVI's $5B EV Infrastructure Initiative

Boosting Accessibility with Strategic National Deployment

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