Finding & securing grants for producers

Are you getting your share?

Billions in new USDA, State & Foundation funding

We provide alternative methods of
improving your funding success.

Former regen ag rancher, diverse crop farmer, and farm manager turned grant acquisition specialist.
 With tens of millions in ag related grant funding already secured, we have developed an effective
process that saves time, increases success and starts a pipeline securing grants for years to come.

We listen carefully to your 
specific farm, ranch or food 
supply chain needs and 
concerns for funding strategy 
that perfectly suits you.

You deserve unique and
personalized access to funding

Our Services


We deeply explore your organization’s needs and meticulously identify potential grant opportunities that align with your objectives and vision.

Concept Development

Crystallize your organization’s ideas, creating a robust project concept that will stand out in the competitive grant landscape.

Application Preparation

We meticulously craft a proposal, integrating research, compelling narratives, and a solid budget to maximize the potential for funding success.



After a grant is awarded, we ensure efficient management, compliance, and optimal leveraging of the grant to achieve your objectives.

Priority service for 1st generation, women, veteran, people of color and 
disadvantaged community members.

Feedback from Clients

“It was an unexpected mind-bending experience writing the Partnership for Climate Smart Commodities with Planetary CARE’s Grant Agency.

Their innovative mindset and network of organizations building leading edge technologies truly made the vision of this grant proposal superior.”

Marshall Bartlett, 5th generation,
regen ag farmer, MS

“Planetary CARE is a unique organization to connect producer and service providers in the regen ag movement. Their vast network that offers wide ranges of tools and knowledge is impressive. As a farmer in the regenerative movement, I believe their Grant Agency can help many accelerate in some tangible ways.”

Yadi Wang, 1st generation,
regen ag farmer, AZ

“The process of writing the CDFA grant proposal with the Planetary CARE Grant Agency team provided me and my leadership team insights into the amount of funding that is available. We had very ambitious goals for the Eames Institute ranch but abandoned them due to not having the funding. We are now revisiting those goals”

Benjamin Godfrey, Director of Ranch 
Operations, Eames Institute, CA


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